We focus on helping our clients shorten development time by providing the following deliverables:

  • High-fidelity modeling of chassis and powertrain dynamics
  • Multi-objective Design Optimization (MDO) - using Design Exploration to generate balanced solutions meeting desired performance for attributes such as noise, vibration, harshness (NVH), handling, ride, driveability, durability, and more.  
  • Automation of simulation processes to increase efficiency
  • Tire measurement for Durability, Handling and Ride applications
  • Driving Simulator hardware, software and services
  • Mechatronics simulation with connected mechanical and ADAS models
  • Process assessments to identify bottlenecks, define roadmaps, and maximize return on Computer Aided Engineering activities.








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Introduction - Siemens simcenter heeds


New training date will be available soon!

Next training session: TBD
Duration: 1 day (8 hours)
Fee: 1000 EUR per person (purchase order is required)
Group discount available
Ask us if quotation is required

Our one-day Introduction training course teaches the groundwork of - and how to utilize - Siemens Simcenter HEEDS for design exploration studies. You'll learn how to set up, run, and view the results from a general HEEDS study. It's true, there are plenty of HEEDS tutorials out there for self-development. But when you want to ensure the 'need to know' learnings are at the forefront to maximize your financial and time investments, a training session with CAE Value gets you to your goal - quickly and efficiently.

  • With us you will:

  • Understand optimization theory – What is Optimization?
  • Learn how to frame your engineering problem for efficient design studies
  • Ask our experts about your individual and unique engineering challenge

Learning objectives:

  • Understand basic process automation steps and background
  • Define design exploration problems
  • Set up and perform a variety of optimization studies
  • Post-process the results of optimization studies to identify improved designs and uncover design trends.


  • Optimization Strategies and Observations
  • Introduction to Process Automation and MultiDisciplinary Optimization (MDO)
  • Batch Execution of an Analysis Model
  • Visualization and Intuition
  • Defining an Optimization Problem
  • Searching for Optimal Solutions
  • Optimization
  • File and Directory Structure During a HEEDS Study
  • Monitoring and PostProcessing a Design Study
  • Objectives, Constraints and Performance
  • Design Variables
  • Optimization Search Path
  • Evaluations and Restart
  • Multi-Objective Optimization


Get ready to learn the functionality and practical uses of HEEDS to solve your engineering problems using design exploration methods, such as optimization, sensitivity studies, and robustness analysis. During the course you'll also learn how to automate your simulation process to consistently generate insight and knowledge.


simcenter heeds for simulation-driven design



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