We focus on helping our clients shorten development time by providing the following deliverables:

  • High-fidelity modeling of chassis and powertrain dynamics
  • Multi-objective Design Optimization (MDO) - using Design Exploration to generate balanced solutions meeting desired performance for attributes such as noise, vibration, harshness (NVH), handling, ride, driveability, durability, and more.  
  • Automation of simulation processes to increase efficiency
  • Tire measurement for Durability, Handling and Ride applications
  • Driving Simulator hardware, software and services
  • Mechatronics simulation with connected mechanical and ADAS models
  • Process assessments to identify bottlenecks, define roadmaps, and maximize return on Computer Aided Engineering activities.








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CAE VAlue training center



 Welcome to our CAE Value Training Center. Whether your team is new to applying simulation for product development, or you have a team of savvy simulation engineers that are ready to expand their expertise, we offer a portfolio of simulation training courses to cover introductory, advanced, and customized solutions targeted to your needs. Find a course below to solve your pain points - or contact us directly at for a customized simulation training solution.



AI Simulation with HEEDS and Amesim 
FREE! Artificial Neural Networks
using Simcenter HEEDS and Amesim

Join us to learn more about the taxonomy of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and how AI technology is being used to advance simulation-driven product development.  

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free python process automation training cae value

FREE! Introduction Process Automation

Process Automation is the enabler for dramatic increase in efficiency and consistency, opening up new opportunities for systematic use of optimization ingrained in your daily work.  
Join our free, one-hour online seminar for examples and introduction to the topics covered in our one-day Process Automation training course.

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heeds simulation performance software 

Introduction Simcenter HEEDS

Learn how to set up, run, and assess the results of a general HEEDS study in our 1-day introductory course. You'll gain insight about the major concepts behind effective process automation and how to use today's powerful design space exploration and optimization software to drive tomorrow's product innovation. Launch your journey to accelerated product concept and performance assessment. 

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advanced heeds simulation training with cae value

Advanced Simcenter HEEDS

Now that you have the most powerful design exploration software available, let's make sure you realize the maximum value from your investment. Building on what was learned in our introductory course, this HEEDS advanced training takes a deep dive into parallel design, design of experiments (DOE), sensitivity, robustness and reliability studies, and more. 

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process automation simulation software training sweden cae value

Process Automation

Identify best practice use of automation in CAE, learn how to model and evaluate your processes as well as which processes should be automated, and how to choose the right strategy and tools to help you program for automation. All of this and more is shared in our one-day Automating CAE using Python training course. 

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paramount bushing simulation training


Bushing Simulation

Gain more insights into full vehicle NVH behavior... faster... by adding our ParaMount Bushing Simulation app to your toolkit. With improved bushing modeling high fidelity, communications, and upgraded efficiencies in test data and bushing analysis, the ParaMount app is fine-tuned and ready to plug into your existing Adams/Car software. Give your end users the smooth ride they deserve.

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customized design simulation software training sweden cae value

 Customized Training

We get it. Sometimes you need training that is pinpoint-targeted for your company, in your way. Get in touch and let's collaborate to design a specialized course around your simulation engineering team(s) that addresses your unique product development pain points. Leverage existing hardware and CAD or CAE tools, unlock innovation, compare performance trade-offs and robustness, and develop designs that are truly production ready. In other words, get to market, faster!

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