We focus on helping our clients shorten development time by providing the following deliverables:

  • High-fidelity modeling of chassis and powertrain dynamics
  • Multi-objective Design Optimization (MDO) - using Design Exploration to generate balanced solutions meeting desired performance for attributes such as noise, vibration, harshness (NVH), handling, ride, driveability, durability, and more.  
  • Automation of simulation processes to increase efficiency
  • Tire measurement for Durability, Handling and Ride applications
  • Driving Simulator hardware, software and services
  • Mechatronics simulation with connected mechanical and ADAS models
  • Process assessments to identify bottlenecks, define roadmaps, and maximize return on Computer Aided Engineering activities.








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  • vi-grade simulation and driving simulators with cae value

    drive product to market, faster! with VI-grade real-time simulation software and driving simulators

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It’s about making the car better,
not just saving time.
I believe we have created the best car
so far in Volvo’s history.

Mattias Davidsson, Lead Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, Volvo

Volvo reduced the development time of the new XC60 by 50% and
developed the new S90 chassis with VI-grade’s Driving Simulator


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accelerate automotive
product development 
at every turn

CAE Value connects your design engineers to new simulation
methodologies with VI-grade real-time software solutions and driving sumulators. Permanently shift and effectively evolve from physical testing to simulation that sets you up for future-thinking design requirements.
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accelerated product development




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product development

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system-level validation

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development process

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future methodology




explore vi-grade software and hardware

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REAL-TIME simulations & HIl


vi-grade real-time simulation solutions cae value 

vi-grade driving simulators 

establish efficient solutions
for virtual vehicle development
ADAS testing with
VI-Grade real-time simulation solutions

 Faster design processes. Less costs. Lower risk.
It's no longer a question of why. Next generation vehicle development requires
rapid design changes and decisions that can only be achieved with the evolution
from physical testing to simulation

explore how you can effectively utilize
VI-Grade's Range of
 driving simulators
and help future-proof your
vehicle design business

 Tap into our CAE Value expertise and position your design engineers as thought leaders ready to respond to future development requirements with VI-Grade's range of driving simulators, from desktop versions to game-changing dynamic drivers.












If you want to see more of a specific VI-grade app and what it brings to your toolkit,
get in touch and we'll demo and discuss!

Ask for a demo

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Don't miss 2023 summit and chance to test VI-Grade driving simulators

How to Leverage a VI-grade desktop simulator into your system engineering process

Drive and experience the sound and vibration of a vehicle in a virtual environment

VI-Grade bridges the simulation and testing gap

How electrification is transforming automotive ride and handling development

How to achieve the right sound (and vibration) in electrified vehicles

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vi grade nvh expectations white paper

White Paper
How do we meet brand and customer NVH
expectations on electric and hybrid vehicles
within the development of a car? This article
outlines the challenges NVH engineers face
today and illustrates how driving simulators
can be used to accelerate automotive NVH
development to provide NVH engineers with
conclusive results in already early design
Learn more


vi-grade research

Given the increasing use of virtual
simulation in automotive vehicle designs,
the correlation of virtual models is a
fundamental part of the process. The
present work seeks to develop a
methodology for the development of
virtual vehicle dynamics models correlated
with kinematics and compliance (K&C)
parameters for use in a real-time vehicle
dynamics simulator.
Learn more
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