We focus on helping our clients shorten development time by providing the following deliverables:

  • High-fidelity modeling of chassis and powertrain dynamics
  • Multi-objective Design Optimization (MDO) - using Design Exploration to generate balanced solutions meeting desired performance for attributes such as noise, vibration, harshness (NVH), handling, ride, driveability, durability, and more.  
  • Automation of simulation processes to increase efficiency
  • Tire measurement for Durability, Handling and Ride applications
  • Driving Simulator hardware, software and services
  • Mechatronics simulation with connected mechanical and ADAS models
  • Process assessments to identify bottlenecks, define roadmaps, and maximize return on Computer Aided Engineering activities.








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It’s Not Good Enough

to Digitize the Existing Processes

Tony Hemmelgarn, CEO Siemens PLM





uncover new design concepts that improve products and significantly reduce development costs.

 The Siemens Simcenter HEEDS simulation solution
can be integrated with all popular CAD and CAE applications.
It also works with multiple software tools to handle pre- and postprocessing,
simulation and multidisciplinary design exploration. 

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siemens solutions heeds




improve design processes

Design Processes

increase customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

reduce design time

Design Time

lower prototyping costs

Lower Costs
of Prototyping to
Drive Innovation





Connect to your internal, commercial
1D, 2D or 3D simulation and
cost-estimating tools with
Over 60 direct interface portals

HEEDS continues to advance Multi-Disciplinary Process Automation,
Design Space Exploration and Optimization across companies
so your existing investment remains intact.

heeds integrates with over 60 cad cae interface portals

heeds screenshot design space exploration

Streamlining the design space
through improved
automated analysis tools, processes,
and results 

HEEDS is used extensively across many industries to improve design processes, increase
customer satisfaction, reduce design time, lower prototyping costs and drive innovation.



Create hundreds of iterations
in a fraction of the time
it takes to perform a handful
of manual iterations

Reduce differential and high trade-off risks by creating hundreds of iterations
using complex variables to test design, flow rate, structural strength, and more.

test hundreds of iterations with heeds




HEEDS helps reduce differential and trade-off risks

Best-balanced hybric vehicles using Simcenter Amesim and HEEDS

Discover better designs, faster

Introduction to HEEDS simulation software for design space exploration 

HEEDS helps reduce differential and trade-off risks

Understand the tradeoff between acceleration (0 to 100 kph) and range







 Ready to see more?

If you want to learn more about the HEEDS app and what it brings to your toolkit,
get in touch and we'll demo and discuss!

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