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How to Make Your Simcenter Amesim Model Real-Time Compatible

30 June 2022


"A good model is a judicious trade-off between realism and simplicity.”

Anu Maria, Introduction to modeling and simulation

 siemens simcenter amesim real-time compatible how to


This statement perfectly highlights the challenge of choosing the right level of modeling / assumptions when starting a new simulation study. It is particularly true when you want to reach real-time capability for doing virtual sensing, IIOT on edge, model-based system testing or simply want to have your model running faster.

In this blog post, we provide you with some tips on how to make your Simcenter Amesim models run faster.

This can be done through the following best practices:

→ Avoid generating implicit variables
→ Avoid useless states variables
→ Define the best simulation run parameters
→ Avoid useless discontinuities
→ Save only useful variables
→ Condition correctly your maps


Avoid generating implicit variables

Implicit variables are generated by the solver whenever there is an algebraic loop in the system. An algebraic loop occurs when there is no order in which the submodels can be called such that all the inputs of each submodel are known when the submodel is called.

Example: ? = (?, ?)

  simcenter amesim avoid implicit loop



The solution to remove an implicit loop can be to include a time constant within the loop (inertia, first order lag, inductor …) or to remove the calculation of the variable generating the algebraic loop.



Avoid useless states variables

avoid useless state variables

The computation time is directly impacted by the number of states N. For a standard problem to solve within Simcenter Amesim, Adams’ method is used where CPU = k*N. When backward differential formulae method is used, CPU=k1*N + k2*N².

The solution to reduce the number of states variables is to group hydraulic volumes, mechanical masses or electric resistances.



Define the best run parameters

Usually, the higher the tolerance of the integrator is, the higher the simulation time is.


 simcenter amesim minimize tolerance parameter

The solution is to minimize the tolerance parameter without compromising the simulation results accuracy.



Avoid useless discontinuities

A discontinuity appears when a variable is suddenly jumping from one value to another (switch from laminar to turbulent flow, friction stick-slip, hysteresis…). This causes a restart of the solver to manage the interpolation between the two values.

 simcenter amesim avoid useless discontinuities


The solution for avoiding useless discontinuities can be to disable the discontinuity handling of tabulated submodels (when possible) or to add damping.



Save only useful variables

Simulation results are written in a data file all along the simulation and by default all submodels variables are saved (the frequency of the results saving is set by the user in Run Parameters’ Print interval).

 simcenter amesim save only required variables


The solution for reducing the number of saved data is either to save only the required variables or to increase the print interval (for the complete simulation or dynamically during the simulation).



Correctly condition your maps

Maps imported from experimental data can typically be quite noisy or contain discontinuities.


 simcenter amesim properly condition your maps


The solution to properly condition your maps is either to disable the discontinuity handling, use an appropriate data sample or filter the noisy signals.


 simcenter amesim filter noisy signals




Print out our step-by-step process 

Most of the information above are explained in the infographic below, for the particular case of reaching real-time capacity:


 simcenter amesim infographic how to make real-time compatible



Finally, a dedicated hands-on workshop can be organized on-site to walk you through the process.

Need more information? Contact our CAE Value team


Republished from Siemens blog
©Siemens - all rights retained by Siemens

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