Optimization Driven Innovation


CAE Value is a provider of unique solutions and services in simulation and optimization, operating on a worldwide basis with an emphasis on Optimization Driven Innovation. Our insightful approach helps coach engineering teams to bridge the ever challenging gap between virtual prototypes and the real world.

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Optimization Driven Innovation

Optimization Driven Innovation

CAE Value guides and assists organizations with innovation capabilities to shorten lead time, while simultaneously increasing product performance, quality and longevity. State-of-the-art solutions in optimization and simulation technology are deployed and integrated into daily development processes, interfacing with existing systems and procedures for CAD, PLM and testing, thus maximizing the development organization's capability to meet the increasingly complex challenges posed by sustainability, product performance and customer demands.

Our team of experts are available to help identify process bottlenecks, define streamlined procedures, implement automation, create math-based descriptions of your product or process, and deploy unique optimization decision support tools in the daily innovation work.


  • "Since our group adopted the practice of combining HEEDS optimization software with simulation two years ago, the strategic value that we can provide to the BD product development community has accelerated dramatically."

Anita Bestelmeyer - Manager, Corporate CAE Group, BD

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